Brrrr!!  Saskatchewan winters can be harsh;
they can be cold; and they are usually long...
...but they can be beautiful, too!!!

Hoar frost on the trees after several foggy days
is very beautiful...

(Hoar Frost or rime,  is ice crystals which become attached to trees and bushes etc.
and are formed by the condensation of fog or mist.  Websters Dictionary)

Patterson Grain at Dawn
Paterson Grain Terminal at Dawn
(Photo taken 2003 November 16)

Mountain Ash
Our Mountain Ash Tree
(Photo taken 2003 December 30)

The following 3 photos were taken
Along the Swift Current Creek - just north of Southside Park

(Photos taken 2003 November 15)




The following photos were taken in our yard (front and back)
(Photos taken 2002 December 23)

This is actually our neighbour's hedge
across the street from us

The following photos are of trees in and behind our yard:
(Photos taken 2001 January)

The following photos are of trees along #4 Highway
Just south of the City by McIntyre Industrial Park:
(Photos taken 2002 December 23 after 3 days of fog)

...and as I headed North, up the #4 Highway...

A view of the SPARC (Research Station)
From #4 Highway
(Photo taken 2002 December 23)

Swift Current Creek - Southside Park
(Photo taken 2003 March 14)

The following photos are of trees behind our house and lot:
(Photos taken 2000 January 03)

"The North Wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow..."

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