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Photo Gallery of
"Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies"

Upper Waterton Lake (Photo taken 1998 July)

Lower Waterton (Maskinonge) Lake
(Photo taken 2001 July)

The Bear's Hump - Crandell Mountain
(Photo taken 2001 July)

Moose at Cameron Lake
Moose in Cameron Lake

We finally saw a Moose in Waterton Lakes National Park!!!
(Photo taken 2003 August 20)

Cameron Falls (Photo taken 1998 July)

Bertha Lake (Photo taken 1999 July)

Cameron Lake (Photo taken 1999 July)

Driving along the Red Rock Parkway... (Photo taken 2001 July)

... and for a definite splash of colour at Red Rock Canyon
(Photo taken 1998 July)

... and more of Red Rock Canyon (Photos taken 1998 June)

Mary Ann's Favourite Waterton Plant
Bear Grass
(Photo taken 2001 July)

The ever so regal and elegant Prince of Wales Hotel
(Photo taken 1998 July)

Prince of Wales Hotel
(Photo taken 2001 July)

Black Bear eating flowers
We had been down in this same area a couple days before...
(Photo taken 2001 July along the Park Entrance Road)

A little Chipmunk dining on scraps at Lost Horse Creek picnic area......
(Photo taken  1998 July)

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