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anihummer2  Our Nature Libraryanihummer2


The new 4th Edition
(released Nov 2002)
So we bought this one, too...
 We have the 2nd and 3rd Editions, too...  one in each of our vehicles so we are never without a field guide!
There is a new version
out -- it looks much like the
new version of the Eastern
Region to the right
I have the older version (with the dark green cover... )
I have included a picture beside it of what the latest version looks like
Our Sibley's is getting
well used!!!
This is a great book
(but a little big to carry out hiking)
 StokesFieldGuideWesternnew-purple  StokesFieldGuideEasternnew-purple
Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America
This is a very good
book, for amateurs and
expert birders alike...
Lots of great info between
the covers....
Reference Atlas to the
Birds of North America
- an excellent reference book
A very good reference book featuring over 1,000 photographs of birds known to visit or breed in Canada -- our newest addition to our "Nature Library"!!

Birds of Saskatoon
A nice "regional" reference (also has a "best sites " listed as to where to find specific birds!!)
A comprehensive chronicle of bird records and sightings in Saskatchewan, this is a great Saskatchewan Birding reference.
A well thought out book of the bird records of the Saskatoon Area.
Lots of information and records on the accumulated observations of over 200 observers during a period of 45 years in the Saskatoon (Sask) area...

More Birds
A book with some beautiful photos
put together by John Wanderer
A book with more  beautiful photos
put together by John Wanderer
A book to help us in Waterfowl Identifcation

A nice "regional" reference (also has a "best sites " listed as to where to find specific birds!!) 
Bluebird Eggs
new-purple  A nice book showing the most common birds that can fe found in the Canadian Rockies  

Chickadee nest
Robert Bateman Birds
A very beautiful book to own!
A beautiful book with a lot of great information and pictures

  With the purchase of this book, we are hoping for all the help we can get  when trying to positively I.D. the many LBJ's
(Little Brown Jobbies)
We are hoping this guide will
help us when trying to I.D.
the many Warblers..
new-purple We are hoping this guide will
help us when trying to I.D.
the many Warblers...

Birds Encycl

Hopefully this one will help
us when trying to
identify the raptors...
Encyclopedia of
North American Birds
(Michael Vanner)
A beautiful book about 
34 species of diurnal raptors - 
the hawks, kites, falcons,
eagles, & vultures

Mtn Bluebirds


One of the newest additions to our Nature Library...
...complimented by the Purple Martin Dawn Song CD
... we are hoping to attract Purple Martins by playing this CD during the Purple Migration season.  We have an outdoor speaker set up near the Purple Martin Gourds, keeping the CD player indoors (to protect it against the weather AND for ease of turning the CD player on at 4:00 AM without having to go outside!!)
This book gives some great
ideas to help make the yard
more bird-friendly... and also
gives ideas on what each
bird eats, what size of family
they raise, incubation, etc.
 ani frog fly

Insects Spiders
Butterflies Guide
This guide to Insects & Spiders is our teenage son's... This guide to Butterflies is our teenage son's...
This guide to Butterflies is our teenage son's...

Edible Plants


Nature Photo  

GaddHandbookCanadianRockies new-purple


One of my newest additions to my library, to assist and/or guide me in taking better Nature photos!

This book provides invaluable information about the geology, plants, animals, history, and recreation available in the Canadian Rockies from Waterton Park in the south to the Yukon Territory
The ecosystems within Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado-from natural meadows to alpine plant communities-support a wide variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, and plants. This book describes and illustrates in full color dozens of these plants and animal species. It also explores the park's geological history, land-use issues, native people, and past explorers-at once a traveler's guide, field guide, and natural history of one of America's most extraordinary national parks.

digital cam


We also have several other books and guides in addition to the ones shown above, but I thought I would show some of the ones I had pictures of to give you some idea of what some of the field guides and books look like...  Some you may recognize as being the same ones you carry in your own backpack or vehicle.

Most of our Birding and other Critter field guides & books are: MagnifyGlassBirdTracks

     - Atlas of Saskatchewan Birds (Alan R. Smith) 
      - A Guide to Nature Viewing Sites in & around Saskatoon (Peter Jonker & Bernie Gollop)

        -  Backyard Birds - Identification Guide (Bird Watcher's Digest)
      - Birds  (Robert Bateman)
      - Birds of Alberta (Chris Fisher & John Acorn)
      - Birds of Canada (Dr. Fred J.  Alsop III)

      - Birds of the Canadian Rockies (George W Scotter, Tom J Ulrich & Edgar T Jones)
        -  Birds of Saskatoon (2002)
        -  Butterflies of Canada, The (Ross A Layberry, Peter W. Hall, and J. Donald Lafontaine)
        -  Central Rockies Wildflowers  (Mike Potter)
        -  Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Rockies (Linda Kershaw)
        - Edible & Medicinal Plants of the West (Gregory L Tilford)
       - Encyclopedia of North American Birds (Michael Vanner)
       -  Enjoying Bluebirds More - The Bluebird Landlord's Handbook  (Julie Zickefoose)
       -  Enjoying Hummingbirds More  (Nancy Newfield)
Field Guide To Warblers
(Don & Lillian Stokes)
      -  Field Guide To Birds - Eastern Region (Don & Lillian Stokes)
      -  Field Guide To Birds - Western Region (Don & Lillian Stokes)
     - Golden Guide: Birds of North America
       -  Handbook of the Canadian Rockies (Ben Gadd)
     - Hand-feeding Backyard Birds: A step-by-step guide (Hugh Wiberg)
     -  Kaufman's Butterflies of North American (Jim P Brock & Kenn Kaufman)
     - Mammals of North America  (Adrian Forsyth)
     - More Birds (John Wanderer)
     - Mountain Bluebird Trail Monitoring Guide (Myrna Pearman)
     - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds: Western Region &
       Eastern Region *two separate books
     - National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America 4th Edition
       (We carry the older versions... 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition in our vehicles now, so we always
        have at least one book wherever we go!!)
     - National Geographic Reference Atlas to the Birds of North America (Mel Baughman, Author)
     - Nature Photography Field Guide (John Shaw)
     - Peterson Field Guide: Western Birds' Nests
     - Peterson Field Guide: Western Birds & Eastern Region *two separate books
     - Peterson Field Guide: Warblers
     - Peterson Field Guide: Hawks
     - Peterson Field Guide: Mammals
     - Peterson Field Guide: Reptiles & Amphibians Eastern/Central & Western 
*two separate books
     - Plants of Waterton-Glacier National Park (Shaw, R.J. & On, D.)
     - Purple Martin Book - The Complete Guide To Attracting and Houseing Purple Martins
         (Donald & Lillian Stokes & Justin L Brown)
     - Raptors (Noel & Helen Snyder)
     - Rocky Mountain A Visitor's Companion (George Wuerthner)

- Saskatchewan Birds (Alan R Smith)
     - Sibley's Birding Basics (David Allen Sibley)
     - Sibley Guide to Birds (David Allen Sibley)
     - Some Birds of British Columbia (John Wanderer)
     - Songbirds Celebrating Nature's Voices (Ronald Orenstein)
     - Sparrows of the United States and Canada The Photographic Guide (David Beadle & James Rising)
     - The Backyard Bird-Lover's Guide (Jan Mahnken)
     - The Bird Watcher's Companion (Barry Kent MacKay)
     - Waterfowl Identification: The LeMaster Method (Richard LeMaster)
     - Wild Birds across The Prairies (Wayne Lynch)
     - Wildflowers of Alberta (Kathleen Wilkinson) 

new-purplenew-purplenew-purpleWe have a number of new-purple books added to our collection but I have not had time to add them to the above list.

We also have a few CD's with Bird Songs
as we try to master birding by ear...
Peterson Field Guides:
"Birding by Ear
Eastern & Central"
Peterson Field Guides:
"Birding by Ear
James John Audubon:
"Songbirds of America"


CD Stokes East

CD Stokes West
CD Birds of Sask
Stokes Field Guide
to Bird Songs
"Eastern Region"
Stokes Field Guide
to Bird Songs
"Western Region"
 A nice CD filled with over 62 minutes of birds singing on an early Spring morning in Saskatchewan (no music has been added...) 
Know Your Bird Sounds

No picture available
Lang Elliott:
"Know Your Bird Sounds
Vol 2: Birds of the Countryside"

Peter Jonker:
"A Perfect Morning
Along the South Saskatchewan River"

Larry bought me a beautiful gift:
"The Birder's Life List & Master Reference" (Jeffrey Whiting)
and "The Birder's Field Notebook",
both beautifully bound in hard cover

Check out our Lifelist ... to see a list of all the birds Larry and I have seen so far (though not necessarily both of us have seen all these birds... yet!!)  The list changes each time we're lucky enough to add a new bird (not often enough, for us, but I am discovering it requires patience... a lot of patience!!)

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