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Notre Dame D'Auvergne
Ponteix, Sask.
The Great JUBILEE of the
Year 2000

The Oldest Pietà in North America

It is a wooden Pietà that was carved out of
a solid block of white oak in the 15th century by an unknown monk...

With the arrival of the railroad, the community of Ponteix was founded
about a half mile north of the original settlement.
A new church was built in the town and the Pietà statue placed in a special alcove in
the basement.  In 1923 the church was totally destroyed by fire;
everything, except the Pietà.

"It was saved by a man (local fire fighter Wilfred Liboiron according
to the written history) --- as he managed to get it out through
 a window smaller than the statue.
Locals believe he must have received some "divine help".


The Town of Ponteix, Saskatchewan
(Photo taken 2003 July 19
from "Our Lady of the Fields" Shrine)

"Our Lady of the Fields"
(Photo taken 2003 July 19)

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